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I need a Macro Lens.

Hi All...

I have been off D@ for WAY too long... I miss this crazy!!

I just wanted to mention that I will be (SLOWLY) posting new stuff as it becomes available... my goal is to have 35 new pieces done by February for spring showing.. so I look forward to your critique, feedback and good vibes!

In the meantime I will keep surfing all of the galleries here for inspiration and edutainment!

Thanks all...

P.F.S. Happy Effin' Holidays!


for anyone who might be in the utah/salt lake city area..

the newest stream (12 pieces) of my work is currently being displayed at:

The Shubrick Studio & Gallery
66 west 400 south

come see!
Greetings Alla'Yall...

Going to be removing some older work from my gallery- and noting stuff thats not in my posession anymore. Trying to get things cleaned up a bit so I can use DA to submit portolio to local galleries while im working on my own website.

Hope all is well for you... been checking out updates, damn- good stuff being made this spinrg! wahooo!

keep it comin'!


i guess im back!

took a long hiatus to focus on my book and some other stuff... have a few pieces to post and will do that as soon as we have decent enough sunshine to take some photos outside.

looking forward to sharing and checking out all the new stuff thats been posted... i miss the DA rocksteady for sure.

hope you all had rockin' holidays!

liquitex gel texturing agents ARE the shizznit...
i think black lava is the most rockin.... im using 'sand' right now- its harder to work with and doesnt have as much resilience in the texture and in how well it holds itself up in form and layering..but its still rocking. if youre into gesso, plaster, spackle or 3-d layering techniques- try this in lust.


heres how to get a pretty tight crackle effect (works on panel i know, not sure about canves)

step one- do a good basecoat or two and let them dry fully.

step two- lay down a thin and even layer of craft tacky glue..allow it to dry to a tack...

step three- paint  your overcoat [note the the basecoat color will show through as the 'cracks']

step four- call your mom and tell her how neat you are!

do cool stuff... DO IT NOW!

hey all who read this =)

just shouting out... been working on stuff now that im in my new place... have a really nice artspace established with a HUGE west-facing window.. loving it.

doing work on my portfolio that im going to send to some local galleries..get some exposure and get some of my stuff off the walls here at home- i feel like such a narcissist having my work everywhere hahaha..

so... heres some cool stuff..go buy it..

***NEW M/M TOYS....***
...YUM! super malleable, super thick..i love this crap. its got the consistency of thin glue with tons of small black specs inside that have a really strong texture presence. you can add paint to the gel or paint over it once its dry- and its accepts paint really well.... super great product. liquitex makes a bunch of other consistencies with different size specs added going to try them all at some point and ill let you know how it goes!
p.s. the brand 'Jo Sonjas' also makes texture mediums- i LOVE this brand because they cater to acrylic artists and their stuff is pretty reasonably priced at the art shops... ill be trying that soon too i hope.

yumtastic. this stuff is pretty much the same deal as the 'faux glaze' products you can buy for acrylic add-ins. i like this stuff best because its a hige bottle for cheap and Jo Sonja (god bless her heart) knows acrylics really well and builds products that work great with them. so with this product, ive found that a 1:3 paint:glaze mix ratio is perfect. i work on different fiber/linens and this consistency allowed the glaze and color to seep into the cloth. you might wanna do 2:2 if your going on straight art panel or canvas or follow the directions given. i am really digging the faux glaze look right now, its so nice to have a solid texture background with a contrasting glaze topcoat- you can barely see it but something makes the whole background PoP. try it!

i have a sneaking hunch this is bascially the same junk you put in your fishtank to drop out the heavy metals and such. but you basically add this product to tap water to prepare it to mix better with paint. it definately does drag the color longer and dries out leaving the color more uniform and solid. i have been soaking my linen/fiber pieces in this water/float mixture and letting them dry to very damp before painting- its bringing some really cool depth and on-linen pallet work. try it- especially if your a starving kid like me- it makes your paint go a long way!

enjoy punk!

until next time..
what a weekend!
i have not stopped moving since thursday afternoon... paul (Plablo7) had a birthday party on friday- and his all-boy house needed some major attention to prepare for some honored guests. i had a good time. i forgot to bring a belt when i brought clothes to change into for the party once the cleaning work was done... while i was serving decadent chocolate cake, my pants fell down. who can say they get a stripper AND chocolate cake all in one night? WHO!? hahaha. i have probably had the best 3 days i have had in a long time. i feel strong, fearless, really in control. its awesome.
at pauls party i had a really hot discussion with B.J. Gawle.. hes a professor of ceramics at the UNiv. of Utah..kid is amazing. brilliant sculpture work... im so impressed by him.. that was by far the highlight of my night.. i love when people get bright-eyes when they talk about something which is soul-deep for them.

i have 3 pieces im working on right now.. but just the main texture focalpoints... havnt even thought about the backgrounds, layering or mounting methods yet... i kind of like it... i have these 3 really great 'chunks' of pieces just hanging out on my easel and i dont know where it will take me. this is a new process for me... so im having fun with it.


*in the silk floral section at the craft store you can find wire which has been maticulously wrapped in floss threading... why is that cool you ask? because you can paint it in one or two coats and it foregoes the sleek look of regular painted wire and has this great choppy look. youll see it used in two upcoming pieces i hope. B+

*at the scrapbooker store... handmade all-natural plant material paper in several weights and textures. holds paint soooo well (especially with some float added in) and the textures are deep, rich and really organic/chaotic. im really pleased with this stuff- and i noticed that aside the typical vellum/cardstock/water medium papers that are usual on the market- the scrapbookers are profering a HUGE HUGE HUGE selection of papers.. i am excited to see what i can use next. the particular stuffi got was handmade by women in africa and brought here through fair-trade arrangements. yay art with compassion. this will be in a few upcoming pieces as well im sure. B (somewhat pricey).

so theres that.
i think im going to focus on writing here each sunday.. throw out some energy, some ideas, new toys im working with, etc. maybe attract some new friends to my gallery.

take it easy my friends...
Pronunciation Key  (ds-trst)

    Lack of trust or confidence.

tr.v. dis·trust·ed, dis·trust·ing, dis·trusts

    To have no confidence in.

so my mum finally clicked thru to my DA gallery... her thoughts...
roungh;y translated: "the art is beautiful- but the titles are all so dark and sad"... HEY- if the title of my work is the darkets thing aboot it- im doing damn fine! lol

so thats about that.

ooh.. heres more regarding the proper classification of my pieces.. these are the two snippets that DA has created to define the subcategories for MM and Sculpture respectively.... please read them or skim past them cuz theres something else afterwards...

Mixed Media refers to art created by using multiple traditional techniques in a combined manner.
This does NOT refer to works produced through a combination of traditional and digital techniques. Such works should be submitted to either the Traditional Art or the Digital Art gallery as though it were entirely one or the other. See the notes on the Traditional Art and Digital Art galleries for more information.

Sculpture is a three-dimensional art form that provides an important visual way of understanding form and space. What will always remain the concern of the sculptor is the manipulation of a solid, material body, whether stone, wood, clay or bronze. Whatever its form or shape, whether figurative or abstract, sculpture functions to make us aware of our environment, our space within it and our special connection and relationship within this shared space.
There are many types sculpture: portrait busts, allegorical and equestrian figures, funerary, garden sculpture, figurines, and others. Public sculpture has traditionally been associated with commemorative monuments or architectural sculpture. Abstraction and assemblage are the dominant forms of modern sculpture. It also seems that the human form remains a consistent concern for sculptors; a concern that re-emerges again and again in modern and contemporary art.
Materials may include marble, wood, bronze casting, metal works, stone, as well as clay, plaster or even papier mache

so yeah.. the next question i posit:
i feel that each if my pieces has a very detailed 'story' or meaning- mostoften of a philosophical/spiritual nature. i was thinking about writing some prose or poetry to acocmpany each of my pieces to help annunciate the energy i feel the piece carries. also possibly some more information about the methods i used to construct it and how to dust/clean it and all that. i would probably print it up on cardctock and attatch it to the back of the pieces.
*what do you think?
*if anything at all- whats important for YOU to know about an artists intention or drive for creating the work you connect with?
*how do you think knowing more about the intention of a created piece would alter your connection or lack thereof to it?
*what is the square root of 472?

thanks people. i know only a handful of folks sift through this nonsense.. but i want you to know that it honors me SO MUCH and i am SO THANKFUL for DA and for the attention, guidance and friendship it offers me. I really feel that my owrk has taken on a new spirit since people have been seeing and interacting with it. before i cam to DA- only my closest buds saw my work, not even my family usually saw it- and it often times got tucked into a closet after being completed. thank you..seriously.

so... i think a few people read this... id like to throw a question out there regarding my work...

Q: is my work more appropriately deemed "sculpture" or "(3D) mixed media"?  i posted a note on the suggestions thread about classifying MM as 2d or 3d..(lots of galleries, schools, artists, etc. use this distinction to specify a piece being mixed surface/paint  media or mixed 3d media) and some dood replied with something to the effect of -surely you would just use sculpture for 3d MM-
so kids.. what will it be??
3D Mixed Media... OR... Sculpture

heres some stuff to help make the decision..

sculp·ture   n.
   1. The art or practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal.
(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

Mixed media - the art technique where the artist employs two or more media such as painting, charcoal, collage, etc. and combines them in a single work

Mixed Media: combination of different media, materials and techniques in the production of a work of art
( ; turnerhouse art education)

:music: 'drone zone' on SOMA FM

bonsai is not about picking up something form the natural workd and trying to make it better. its foremost in honring the natural world by taking on the role of mother naure- taking a seedling into your life and nurturing it as you would a small child. as the tree grows.. a scene from the natural world is selected for the emotions it evokes.. a scene like a tree growing from the cleft-rocks of a hill, or a group of trees growing alongside a small pond. once a scene is established- the bonsai keeper painstakingly mimics this perfect emotional movement of nature in his tiny bonsai pot. nature worship; complete understanding through practice of the delicate and powerful subtle movements of the natural world... a humbling experience in life, growth, death and regeneration. we all have stuff we nurture and protect like the bonsai keeper does his chinese juniper. the questoin comes when we have to step back and decide if this is beneficial or not for where we are on our journey. the samurai tell a story about this... there was once a samurai warrior who took great care in the sharpness of his mond and his sword- and in the raising of prized bonsai. he was able to create bonsai in a quality which no one had ever seen before. one winter, as the samurai was in his hut, a revered shogun master came to teach and visit him. the samurai was out of dry pitch and wood to keep a fire- so he sacrificed his remaning two bonsai to warm the shogun master.
(there are shitloads of artistic renditions of this scene.. try google or japanese tradi art..its intense.)

i think the gist of the story is- that no matter what we hold inesteem or prize, there is always something more valuable to which it can easily be sacrificed. in the example of the samurai- the old bonsai treeswere sacrificed in the name of love and honor.
i think theres a part of this, where the samurai had to remove the trees from his abode to make room for the shogin (energetic/esoterically speaking)... thats how it speaks to me anyway. like people who want a new relationship or more money but have not cleaned 'house' - that is they have not removed the old issues to make room for new blessings.
you have to haul out old furniture before you can fit the new stuff in.. and if we are wanting to be on some progressive life journey- there will be lots of moves, lots of challenges, lots of blessings and lots of new furniture.

"your willingness to give blessings determines your ability to recieve them" -Lao-Tzu

:music: 'her only sin' CHRISTIAN DEATH


i have a toothache...bad =(
stupid dimestore ibuproferin does nothing!

i finished up a piece today that i thought would fail miserably haha ("fate and destiny"). its about people (the coil) moving through their life in independence (the center of the piece) and then blaming or relying on fate and destiny (wood blocks) when things get sticky. i belive in both you know... but i think we should honor them as an integral part of our life experience no matter what. and this leads me to...
you know when natural disasters or other really intense bad stuff happens to an area- church attendance skyrockets. thats awesome. but heres my thinking- and something i would like to get better at... we always pray and ask for intercession when our life is going awry. but what about when its good... i mean.. how often do people really just pray in thanksgiving when things are awesome and pray to keep it and grow it so they can share it with others. i dont. probably most people are more plugged into the source than I am.. but i notice i forget to pray and celebrate when stuff is going smooth. i think thats the most important time to do it though.
in some ways- its a question of preventative medicine. its about me, right now, dealing with immense pain because i didnt honor my teeth when they were healthy and only pay attention to them when they scream in agony to get my attention that something is wrong. the source i think also sends us warning flags by giving us divine suffering and challenge to remind us that we are, in essence, dependent and never alone. i want to focus more on preventative spirituality (and dental health i guess hahaha) so that i can hold onto that when the challenges come. i have really done a good job at training myself to be thankful for pain, suffering and obstacles0 because i believe that through suffering we are strengthened, and through pain we are purified and through obstacle we can see better those things which are TRUE and those things which are only true because we want them to be (egotrippp).

i wanted to post a link to this artist, robert smithson.. he did a HUUUUUUUGE installation piece called 'spiral jetty' here in salt lake where i live- and it is breathtaking... its about 2 hours from salt lake city center, on the north end of the great salt lake- im hoping to drive out there on some nice rainy afternoon andwalk around this piece.. go see!

dont you sometimes feel like breaking your halo?
:music: NPR

holy sh1t... so i got some new uber high-tech glue today... supposedly dries pretty fast and holds tight and clear... WELL- the abobe statements are most definately true... but a one-way air ventilation system wasnt enough to keep me from getting fukced up form that stuff... BLEH! you can probably see by most of my work that it requires some pretty intense glue methods... i have lots of tricks to make sure things stay where i want them on my pieces- but glue is definately part of my toolbox... i swear i can smell nothing but noxious vapors! ::whine whine whine::

so i just got about 1/2 done with a really hot piece... one of the main textures in it came free with a can of beer (thats a clue, scientist!) and theres a really cool (pats self on back) experimental linen technique i did on the same piece.. it might be the most heavily layered piece ive done but i looov it... i assume it will be in my gallery here on DA by today afternoon (assuming i dont lapse into coma from the nerve damage i have sustained). i wish old school paste was more hardcore... i havnt played with it since gradeschool... remember how gritty as slimy it was and how you had to scoop it onto your paper iwth popsicle sticks.. and how youd be lucky if what you glued down even stayed? we never had colored construciton paper at my gradeschool.. just the 'poor school brown' stuff that repelled crayon wax and hated markers. i remember all of of teachers from grade school... i dont remember liking many of them.

memory.... in 3rd grade we were drawing on this huuuuge paper strung along our hallway (the C hall!)... and it was dinosaur week (we need adult dinosaur week, by the way!) and so we were all out in the hall drawing dinosaur stuff with markers and crayons and chalk on this long piece of paper... well, silly Josh (thats me) draws a rotting goo-infested corpse of a dinosaur under a few layers of sediment and peat. i then proceeded to draw an oil pump coming from the dinosaur up to the surface and into the air where is, of course, spat black gold far into the prehistoric skies. well- my teacher (ms. hupka..SHAME!) freaked out and ripped the whole thing down telling the other kids in claSS i had messed it up and that what i drew was not appropriate or in accordance with the formally stated clauses, rules, regulations and protocol of petition for change regarding dinosaur week. a few days later she apologized to me in front of the class... why? because two days later she fukcing GOT IT... i feel that our ability to get fossil fuel is the most impacting thing dinsoaurs brought to the modern age- and i had that down by 3rd grade- and lots of other kids got it too.. see the thing i realized that day- the teachers rarely listen to the words they teach, but some kids hang onto every word and take it as literal and true without fail. i also think that teachers, no slam in ANY WAY intended- this is just an observation!- are often required to teach things they dont know... for example.. the act of reading a book about flying a plane and actually doing it are two COMPLETELY different things. i think that in most cases, a teacher is qualified to teach because they have experienced, absorbed and invested themselves in a certian topic and can teach it to others from that place of oneness with the topic. with the salary that most US teachers get- most of them have probably never been to any of the places they teach about every day in geography. that sucks. this is really random.. not something i normally feel passionate about- but i like to journal and just let one thought move into the next.. and now im really effin mad that teachers get shit training and shit pay! never forget that we are FAR from the most educated country in the world! serious! there are 'third world countries' with better literacy than we have. why? probably because we blow our money on importing crack and blowing folks up. rar. time for smoking and cuddling in bed- lest my teen angst come back with a goddamn vengence! ha!

A brother of low degree...
:music: Dead Can Dance "music for vampires"

im soooo vamp.

guess what kids- i sold my first piece.. and not only that- the person who bught that piece also commissioned me to create something special for them based on a specific theme... way cool. im nervous and excited.. cant wait to begin.. the commissioned piece will be kind of a mix between "the suns sacred journey" and "burst open"... a bit less macabre and a couple colors i think that i havnt really played with much (yellow, fire, gold)

i want to learn how to weld.. so i can make stuff like my friend ken
like huge wing chimes and steel masks and armor and stuff.. furniture and, oh yeah, a cage for people to go when theyre naughty (PAUL!)

you know whos naughty?, thats who. hes my #1,.,, he just hooked up with selling some work as well.. buy me stuff Paw!..  ill buy you an ipod (sellout!) if you buy me a new laptop (metrosexual!)

i need to find something neat to do with this 5lb. anvil i have lying around... like turn it into a bill caddy or a candlestick... or maybe a catfood dish? (i <3 moo)

welp... thats all for now... its 4am and im not even sure this is me typing.

you remember that one time in budapest when we got caught spraypainting "i love you" to each other on that old wall? that was hot.

:music: soma FM 'drone zone'

so... ive spent the last hour or so browsing through the work thats being shared here on DA. wow. so much intense talent and sooo much energy,.. i love it.

heres my question to the interested...
i cant seem to find anything thats even remotely similar to my stuff... i was hoping to stumble across some pieces to get framing, mounting, etc. ideas from others who combine mediums like i do..but i cant find it.

the typical piece i create containes panel, free-mounted linen or canvas (never stretched), clay sculpturing made with a flat back to mount to the piece, needlework, ink, acryllics, oil pastels, pieces attatched to the paneling by being sewn or hung on it... etc. am i nuts? lol... where aremy comrades? are there any? part of me wants to feel good that theres nothing quite like what im doing as far as i can see... the other part is a bit bummed that i may be expresisng myself in a method that people just wont ever connect with. im not trying to convert people to my way of thinking... would just like to understand better where im at through someone elses eyes.

feedback/notes are greatly appreciated =)

:music: David Bowie "Fashion"

so... i guess i have strep throat. gross. i feel like someone ripped my windpipe out and set it out in the sun for a few days. argh.

im working on a new piece and thus far, as i consider myself to be a 100% experimental artist, everything has gone the opposite as expected. for future reference... plaster doesnt stick to linen, acryllics dont mix well with cement, and hosing down wet-paint canvas with water with your lamp in the near background is a BAD idea.. :omfg:

so that being said... i have a few new pieces to post.. and ill probably do that before days end. im entering a new phase in the starving artist way... but this time- its dead serious :shakefist:

the boys in the hood are always hard...
:music: diamanda galas

plants need just a few things to grow... sun, water, nutrient rich soil and of course, love. i spend lots of time near my little porch garden in the daytime (ahh the joys of being a chainsmoker). its always funny how they pretty much just stand upright and present themselves during the day...aiming towards the sun and leaning in for a closer connection to the heat... but at night... you can actually see them dance and grow. it reminds me of us human folk. i was thinking about two things that mirror this... #1 is body building... #2 is chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. a lot of people think that your muscles get big and grow while youre working out- while youre actually lifting weight or jogging- they are getting buff... but in truth- youre muscles really could care less about all of that. the reaosn they get big from working out is that you create tons of teeny tiny microtears in the millions of muscle fibers... when the fibers heal themselves, they heal back more dense and with the ability to carry more H2o, O2 and ATP cells... so its during your sleep/heal cycle AFTER your workout that all the magic happens. in regards to fibro(FM) and fatigue (CFS) my personal belief is that those who suffer from these disorders are not entering levels 4 and 5 sleep. they are knocking out enough to dream, snore, toss about and cause general sleepy hijinx, but they are not going to that elusive space where absolutely nothing happens. they wake up feeling like they slept, but not like the SLEPT.
so i equate both of these things to giving a plant full sun 24/7/365. i bet they would die. i wouldnt try this experiemtn myself because i wouldnt wanna kill my plants or put that energy out there... but i bet that they would stop growing and die off- even if they had uber-miracle grow hormones, electrolyte loaded spring water, love and attention... they would still get tired and die.
i am thinking about all of this in the perspective of the Tao Te Ching. Lao-Tzu says (im not quoting!) that constant effort tires the spirit and leads to illness... he says that the path of least resistance in the path which is in greatest harmony with the way of nature. he says that when we are being dedicated, diligent and hardworking- we are in good shape... but when we are working AGAINST the natural flow of things..we are commiting slow suicide. Chuang Tzu relates a story of a king who had a royal butcher. the butcher would pull his knife through the body of a freshly killed animal and the bones and meat would fall off as if they wanted to. the king asked the butcher how he did it... the butcher related that, when you take into account the minute thickness of the blade and the space between the bones and joint in the animal- you actually have as much room to move as a person in a large room. he said that in knowing that which is being cut, he knows how to cut it. he had been a royal butcher for over 20 years and had never sharpened or replaced his butchers knife. when the butcher encountered any resitance in his cuts, he simply rechecked himself, took a deep breath and let the knife do its own work. Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu both teach that nature is alive and intelligent.
it is the nature of the canvas to receive paint.
it is the nature of the brush to draw strokes.
it is the nature of the eye to perceive the world.
allow these things to do what they will, and apply no resistance.
now, if i could only practice what i know =)

p.s... if it werent for all of these assholes, id surely be enlightened by now.

the sufis say that there is a definitive reason why only women are required to wear the hijab (note: hijab is the veil which leaves the face exposed- it covers only the hair and neckline... this is the way in which the prophet muhammed pbuh said it should be worn- the full body burka is a CULTURAL imposition on women- not a religious one).. all people, say the sufi, should be modest and should be judged on their actions and words above their flesh and stride. many people think that only women are supposed to be covered up in modesty- but actually, the sufi says this... that the women must use cloth to cover the neckline and hairline and the men must grow beards and have long hair- if you think about this- a woman in hijab and a full bearded man both expose the same amount of skin- actually, the man would expose less skin than the woman.

I bring this up because i think that the assimilation which occurs between culture and religion is so confusing. its really hard in study to decipher where hindu dharma stops and hindi culture begins... or where islam stops and somali culture begins, etc. i think that 90% of the judegement we put on religious paths and their expression are actually culture based- the big things being burkah (afghani culture) and hijab (islam creed). sati (indian culture- the suicide-burning of a wife on her husbands funeral pyre) and white-cloth mourning (religious hindu ritual of a widow wearing white the rest of her days).

what if we scale this down to ourselves..and say- remove our actions and how we identify ourselves form the culture we are in. by what means would a wandering nomadic tribe or solitary mendicant have to define or label themselves? the way i think about it- its only everyone else around us which allows us the chance to figure out who we are- and possibly more important, who we are NOT. i think in my work, the hardest part of counseling [im an alt. counselor/healing coach] is explaning to folks how our negative views of other people allow us the chance to see the negative aspects of ourselves- that when we project anger towards someone its ONLY because they are exhibiting something we ourselves hold that we dont like. the whole cultural clusterfukc is a mirror- we are all just moving about, looking at ourselves, using the world at large as our level/plumbline to establish some balance and figure out where we stand. thats really all i have to say right now.. just thinking about how fortunate we are to have negative/challenging situations. St. Francis of Assis said that Suffering brings Strength and Pain brings Purity... i love him best.

you know- theres a whole really intensive system in your body right now called proprioception. the whole purpose of this system is to relate your body, weight, movement, non-movement, etc. to the world around you. proprioception is what gives an interpretable message to the whole body about your relation to space infinite. isnt that intense? you may have gathered by now if you read my posts that im really fascinated by pathology and anatomy. its fukcing amazing. isnt it wild to think that theres a whole part of your body devoted to figuring out where you are in the universe at any given moment? how about Lysosomes? there these little pockets inside every red blood cell- and essentially theyre full of a poison-code... if something goes foul in the cell, the lysosomes break open- release the poison code and kill the cell which, in effect, is themselves. theire suicide mechanisms. holy sh1t. did you know that there are unexplainable molecules in few numbers floating around in your cerebral-spinal fluid that emit light? wtf! you have a few really amazing lights moving through your spine. do you know of freida kahlo? i think she figured out the power and some mystical energy of the spine. its my favorite part of the body as well... go look at photos of the cauda equina, the sacum/cccyx complex, C7... wow. theres a bone in your skull called the sphenoid process and it looks like a rocks ever so gently as spinal fluid moves up and down... you know theres no actual spinal fluid respiration moves because thats what it does... nothing flexes, pumps, etc. anyway- the sphenoid, the pelvis and the soles of your 2 feet placed together all have the same exact butterfly like shape. these 3 locations (head, sacrum and feet) are the most powerful points of spiritual entry and exit in traditional chinese medicine.

i could go one about this kind of stuff for hours..realizations i had in a&p classes and study. yeah- i fukin smoke and drink and stay out late and eat like hell... but i still think my body is a temple... a temple more than anything... fuck space exploration... we dont know anything about whats right in front of us... we like to waste time and awe the crowds... fuck that. look inside and thank your feet everyday for supporting you.. thank your knees for giving you run and walk..thank your lungs for brething..your heart for beating without cease.. thank your brain for being and your hands for flexing at your beck and call... holy shit... this all turns to wormfood when we die... to me- that means however absofuckinglutely amazing this meatsack body is- my soul makes it all look like legos.

from the nodes of ranvier' and beyond...